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International adventures:
2011 Spain & Portugal
2010 Scandinavia
2008-9 Freighter round the world
2008 Italy, Switzerland, Vatican
2007 Brazil Carnival
2007 Antarctica
2007 Argentina Iguazu Falls
2006 England, Ireland, Scotland
2005 Mt Fuji Hike
2005 Nepal Everest fly-by
2005 India Taj Mahal
2005 Egypt Pyramids, Sphinx
2004 China Great Wall
2004 Japan 14 trips
1999 Peru Machu Picchu
1998 Australia Ayers Rock
1966 Guam Mt. Lamlam

US adventures:
2012 New York City
2011 Lake Street Minneapolis
2009 Boston Lobster trip
2007 Southeast US Road-trip
2007 New York City
2005 Idaho High-point
2005 Grand Canyon
2004 Alaska Cruise-tour
2003 California Hikes
2003 Northeast US Road-trip
2002 Southwest US Road-trip
2001 Hawaii tour & high point
2000 Northwest US Road-trip
1996 Grays Peak First 14k mtn.
1991 Skydiving
High Point Hikes
Low Point Hikes
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Favorites and Pages of Friends:
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Growing Pears in MN
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Susan Tadewald Photography

My Travel Adventures

It is my hope that you will find these pages helpful and amusing.

Current & Future Adventures

Doing winter stuff!
2/16/2017 Investing 104, 2017 Market Update presentation at Golden Valley Community Ctr

Recent Adventures

6/7/2016 Recovering from computer mistakes presentation at Lenox Computer Buddies, then on Community TV
3/29/2016 Market Update 2016 presentation at Lenox Community Ctr, then on Community TV
2/26/2016 Skied at Buck Hill.
2/18/2016 Investing 103, 2016 Update presentation at Golden Valley Community Ctr
2/17/2016 Skied at Buck Hill.
2/4/2016 Freighter Odyssey presentation in St. Cloud

Other Travel Ideas

Train tours: Trans-Siberian RR, Europe high-speed trains, Chunnel, Orient Express.
French museums and art galleries.
Greece and Turkey.
Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay. Eastern Canada.
Other US trips, including winter ice falling in Yosemite, and the rest of the Hawaiian Islands.
50 state low-points idea: This would require 2 flights, 13,000 miles and 250 hours of driving, plus some hiking time.